Ant Colony – Michael DeForge

Ant Colony is a psychedelic story about ants living in an ant colony, serving their queen. Michael DeForge’s characters vary from adorable, to disfigured, to violently cartoonish.

The two main protagonists are two gay ants, one of which is having an existential crisis over how small everything around him is. Meanwhile members of the colony are being slaughtered in a variety of ways – by spiders, red ants, and even earthworms.

The story gets progressively weirder and more bizarre the collective actions of the individual ants accumulate in the destruction of the colony. The survivors attempt to rebuild, however the story ends before any conclusive decisions are made.

An unforgettable read, Ant Colony made me reconsider the conventional form of storytelling in graphic novels, and the unique illustrative style of Michael DeForge makes this a visual pleasure to experience.


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